Monday, January 9, 2012

6 steps for responsible E-waste disposal

Rapid rise of use of electronic and electical goods has also seen a rise of disposal and rapid discarding of  the same. End of life is when these goods no longer are of any use to the user. There are various ways we deal with these products after the EOL is reached. Some of them are as observed in India are
  1. Store it at home till you think you can sell it!
  2. Pass it on to the less previledged - downtrade
  3. Trade-in at the store where you buy upgraded item - hope that it may be disposed responsibly !!
  4. Sell to to the local recycler  - illegal stripping and disposal
  5. Recycle it with authorised recycler - may be the best..but will not yield any monetary returns to the user.
 Much awareness is needed to understand which option is best with respect to environment - i.e which is the most sustainable option. Given the hazardous nature of materials used in electronic/electrical items it is important that awareness about responsible E-waste disposal reaches every person using such items.

Last year three Infoscions decided to come together for a common goal. The goal was to work on the idea - that awareness on responsible E-waste disposal must spread to each and every person using electronic and electrical devices. Thus came to life our initiative called Afterelife - its a kind of reverential treatment to end of life devices. Would invite you all to visit this blogsite and share with all:

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